What we eat impacts our physical and mental health…


Facts about Nutrition and metabolic health: What your doctor doesn't know, or even worse, won't tell you

Sep, 2020

The rates of metabolic diseases such as dementia, heart disease and diabetes in the UK have risen dramatically since the 1980s.

Could the reason for this lie in the Government’s official “Eatwell” nutritional guidelines? And because of these guidelines, could our high carbohydrate diet lead us on to a pathway of chronic health and ultimately death? Read on.. and decide for yourself.

Government's 'EATWELL' Guide Blamed For COVID-19 Deaths Linked To Type-2 Diabetes

Oct, 2020

Wealth before health’ policy is to blame for increase in metabolic diseases

3 Dec 2020

We speak exclusively to nutrition expert Dr Estrelita van Rensburg, co-author with Issy Warrack of new healthy eating guide Eat Well or Die Slowly, about how these metabolic diseases are intrinsically connected to the diets we follow, and why flawed nutritional guidance based on bad science could ultimately be to blame for these worrying public health epidemics.


Eat Well or Die Slowly - BBC Radio Humberside David Burns

Oct 2020

Listen to Dr Estrelita Janse van Rensburg, co-author of new guide to #nutrition and metabolic #health 'Eat Well or Die Slowly', speak to BBC Radio Humberside's David Burns about why the UK's #EatwellGuide is dangerously inaccurate & could be responsible for almost 1/3 of #COVID19 deaths.

Eat Well or Die Slowly

by BBC Radio Essex Stevie Shillinglaw | Oct 2020

The worrying link between high-carb diets and Coronavirus

Metabolic disease expert Dr Estrelita van Rensburg’s interview on BBC Radio Scotland about the worrying link between high-carb diets and Coronavirus.