Menopause - The Secret Hell

Written by Dr Estrelita van Rensburg

Hot flushes, nausea, aching joints, allergies, mood swings, memory loss, heart palpitations, food cravings etc …. does any of this sound familiar? Most women experience symptoms of varying intensity between the ages of 45 - 55 years and in some instances these symptoms can last up to 15 years. Most women also experience weight gain (on average 6-8 kgs).

There are key metabolic changes (such as lower oestrogen levels) during menopause that not only decrease the body’s calorific needs but also change the location of body fat accumulation from the hips to the abdomen. Hardly a desirable feature! Many women following the standard Western diet of highly processed, sugar and starch-rich foods, have high insulin levels or even insulin resistance (which they may be completely unaware of), that will intensify their menopausal symptoms.

It should therefore come as no big surprise that diet and lifestyle choices can dramatically impact menopausal symptoms. The Wellness EQ Programme helps women feel better, helps them lose weight, reduces their risk for developing lifestyle diseases including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and dementia and helps them reclaim their original confidence in themselves and their bodies.