Stark warning: Nutritional advice blamed for COVID deaths

Written by Dr Estrelita van Rensburg

nutritional advice and covid

The recent cumulative COVID statistics from NHS England (Statistics » COVID-19 Daily Deaths (england.nhs.uk), show that people under the age of 40 years have a <1% chance of dying from the infection. Thereafter, the mortality rate ramps up exponentially for age groups 40-59, 60-79 and 80+ years (6.9%, 38% and 54% respectively).

total NHS England COVID deaths per age group
Figure 1. COVID Deaths per Age Group

The increase in death rate, for the older age groups, is directly linked to dietary-induced metabolic diseases and not ethnicity (see Figures 2 and 3 below). Figure 2 shows that six out of the seven most common pre-existing conditions (blue) have a strong underlying metabolic component (high insulin levels and insulin resistance), which is driven by incorrect dietary advice – the UK’s Eatwell Guide, officially recommended by the Government, the NHS, all its Trusts, British Heart Foundation etc. Only one category, chronic lung disease, is predominantly linked to smoking (active or passive).

Breakdown of COVID deaths by pre-existing condition
Figure 2. Breakdown of Pre-existing Conditions

Surprisingly, when a direct comparison is made with the 2011 census data for England and Wales (Figure 3), ethnicity does not seem to be a major factor in causing excess deaths.

Figure 3. COVID-deaths Ethnicity data vs Census data
Figure 3. COVID-deaths Ethnicity data vs Census data

The percentage of COVID deaths in the White population is exactly the same as the percentage of Whites in the census data (86%), while the difference was only 2% for the Asian and Black population groups (13% COVID deaths vs 11% census results). Although the census data is from 2011, there is no reason to believe that the make-up of the UK’s ethnic groups is significantly different today.

Furthermore, when looking at the age-group distribution and impact of pre-existing conditions, one is struck by the fact that these conditions severely impact the survival rate after infection. For example, for the 80+ age category, 97% of COVID deaths had a pre-existing condition. All age groups with an underlying condition had a 78% or higher chance of having a fatal outcome.

Figure 4. Impact of Pre-existing Conditions on Mortality
Figure 4. Impact of Pre-existing Conditions on Mortality

If the data is not a major wake-up call for both the Government and NHS that their nutrition guidelines are directly responsible for the dramatic increase of the COVID related death rate, then nothing will! There is a wealth of scientific studies that show the connection between a high-carb diet and eventual lifestyle-related metabolic diseases (diabetes, dementia, heart disease, cancer etc.). The only groups that benefit from these guidelines are the food and drinks companies, along with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, who are actively exerting an influencing force on the official nutritional guidance.

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