Rocket Fuel for the Body

Written by Dr Estrelita van Rensburg

nutritional advice and covid

Our body can use two types of rocket fuel for everything it needs: glucose (from sugar and carbs) or ketones (from fat). Of the two types, glucose is dominant, in other words as long as you keep eating a lot of starchy food and sugar, your body will only use glucose. A problem with this scenario is that, the more glucose you eat, the more fat your body stores (read – weight gain). The other problem is that you often feel hungry on this diet and then you eat more….and more… aaannnd more (get the picture?).

Now, if you are clever and cut back on starchy food and fizzy sugary drinks (diet versions included), your body will switch over to the second fuel tank – the ketone tank. Not only is this tank much larger than the glucose tank, so ideal for longer journeys (12-hour shifts, marathons, fasting etc), but the BIG secret is – this tank needs fat to run on! Bingo, it is going to burn your fat stores! YES! Apart from that, ketones are also the healthiest fuel for your body and brain.

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