Start your own health and weight loss journey today.

Wellness EQ Programme

Want a happy, healthy life with stacks of energy?

Start your personal health and weight loss journey today. Want a happy, healthy life with stacks of energy?

Feel good, more energised and lose weight within the first week.

healthy life today

Many of our participants have lost more than 10 kgs (22lbs) on our Plan! We will guide you with fun easy recipes, a kick-start shopping list and straightforward, easy to understand, expert advice to help you lose weight and feel great.

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The best ideal weight and optimal health Plan!

It is not only about losing weight. Bring back a natural balance to your body and enjoy better sleep, better mood and more energy. Reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, cancer and other life shortening-conditions. Live a longer, healthier and happier life with a clear and confident mindset.

Imagine a life without counting calories?

We teach you how to use delicious healthy food from natural ingredients. Gone are the days of feeling hungry with constant cravings AND no calorie counting.

We are not…. a fad or yo-yo diet.
Feel good, look good and Eat Well!


Sign-up to our 12-WEEK STEP-BY-STEP OPTIMISER PLAN now and we promise you, if you follow our Plan: It will change your Life!

Our weekly support will help guide you through your journey to feeling great, happy and healthy. Our online booking system gives you the perfect opportunity to schedule one-to-one calls to ask all the questions you might have and to get the answers you need to embark on your journey.

Starting from only £7.50 per week, sign up to one of our Plan options, which includes one or more personal sessions tailored to your needs.
No quick fix diet

No quick fix

Whilst not a ‘quick fix’; this Plan is a two-way street. If you are ready to make changes and follow our guidance, you will be amazed at how quickly results start rolling in.

Way of life

Be happier, more content, lose weight, feel good and restore your self-esteem - this is a Game Changer! Your ‘feel good’ factor will return within weeks. Your new improved ‘way of life’ will put a spring in your step!

way of life
trust science

Trust Science

This Plan is evidence-based, researched and backed by our in-house Medic. Learn the science of nutrition and how it supports you to live with a healthy mind and body. Live life to the full!

Enjoy life and stay healthy to the end.

Roadmap to Health

Quick easy nourishing recipes using real food Meal Planners.
Your roadmap to Health.


What People are Saying

“Food is great!”

"Lost 10 kg without effort - the food is great!"

“I lost 14 kg”

“Love the food, lost 14 kgs and loads more energy”

“Life transforming”

"My mood stabilised, I sleep much better - it has changed my life for the better"

“New Way of Eating”

"I am surprised on how easy it has been."