Estrelita van Rensburg

Estrelita van Rensburg


Estrelita van Rensburg, a qualified physician-pathologist spent the first part of her professional career as a professor in laboratory medicine/virology at the University of Stellenbosch and Pretoria in South Africa. After a decade and a half, she moved into the pharmaceutical industry where she held a senior global position at a large pharmaceutical research organisation. More recently her focus shifted away from treatment-based medicine into the field of nutrition and preventative medicine. This shift was caused by the deterioration of her own health and that of close friends and family. She embarked on researching the topic of nutrition, a subject very poorly supported in the undergraduate medical curriculum. Her discovery of the extent of disinformation and incorrect national nutritional guidance from government, the medical and academic communities as well as organisations such as the diabetes and heart foundations, was the motivating factor to develop a practical teaching programme for individuals on the correct nutrition to improve their metabolic health.


Issy Warrack


Issy, a commercial property surveyor by profession and an entrepreneur at heart, always enjoyed an active and varied lifestyle. Before, during and after her property career she developed a couple of successful business ventures within Scotland, the UK and Europe, including Norway and Greece. Juggling an active career, motherhood and family life, was just run-of-the-mill for her, never giving her health a second thought. It came as a surprise when she developed serious heart issues, which over time were not responding to prescribed medication. Her interest in holistic medicine led her and her business partner to explore the healing properties of healthy nutrition, which was a revelation. This led to Wellness EQ, a company specialising in health and wellness. Issy has been the driving force behind the publication of two recipe books during COVID. IF you want to read more about Issy's health journey, read her blog - Personal journey.