A little bit about us

Issy Warrack

If I knew then...

...what I know now, I would definitely have made changes to my lifestyle and food choices earlier. I have a daughter and 2 grandkids, was previously totally involved in a hectic real estate career and other businesses – lived life to the full – and never gave my health a second thought.

I remember saying “That (ill health) will never happen to me!” How wrong could I have been? I started to feel out of sorts and took nutritional advice – the incorrect advice, as it happens, based on the Eatwell Guide guidelines which have been in place for 35+ years in the UK. However, I did feel marginally better and thought “that’s an improvement” and carried on with life. It then took a series of events – heart palpitations and two falls resulting in fractures - to really ask the question “What is going on here?” It was a real wake up call.

I had to do something. I had hit rock bottom. It was at that time that Estrelita said to me “You really need to look at your diet.” I was a little shocked as I thought I led a comparatively healthy way of life – still participating in a healthy outdoor life etc. – but you know she was right. I then started the Wellness EQ Programme and I followed that 100%. What a difference – within days, I started to have more clarity and the brain fog lifted, within weeks I lost weight, had more energy, my creative side returned and I felt like a million dollars. There has been no looking back and I feel like I did 20 years ago!

Estrelita van Rensburg

Not just treating symptoms...

After training as a medical doctor in South Africa, I worked as a University Consultant and researcher for 16 years before joining the pharmaceutical industry in a global position. It was during this phase of my career that I became aware that the medical profession focused primarily on treating disease symptoms through prescribing medication, rather than finding preventative solutions.

Subsequently, when I was confronted by illnesses from family members and close friends, I knew that I had to investigate the area of preventative medicine to see what options were available, if any. I never expected it to go down the road of nutrition, until I discovered how misconceptions and misinformation regarding human nutrition in the mainstream media and medical community are important driving forces in increasing modern day lifestyle diseases.

With this information, my business partner and I put together a healthy eating programme and tested it on ourselves and close associates over a period of several months. The results were so spectacular from a health and body-weight perspective, that it inspired us to share the information and teach others how to do it too. Our Wellness EQ Programme is the result of our personal journeys and that of others in many different parts of the world!