How can you take control of your own health? Are you sick and tired of taking more and more medication without feeling any better? Medical researcher and scientific author, Estrelita van Rensburg, explains, using clear illustrations and language we all understand, how bad science and misinformation leads us down the road to insulin-resistance, the precursor of illness and chronic disease.
This book will shake the foundations of standard nutritional advice and demonstrate how this leads to lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), dementia and cancer.

Bitten Johsson, Addiction Specialist, Sweden

Dr Jen Unwin, Clinical Psycologist, England

Belinda Fettke, Co-Founder Nutrition for Life, Australia

This beautifully illustrated cookbook, packed with 80 step-by-step recipes, is simple to follow, using readily available real food ingredients.  The carb content and prep time for each recipe make it easy to plan your daily meals ensuring you remain within healthy parameters.

Eat your way to health

Delicious recipes with handy carb counter in the following categories: drinks, sauces, pastes and seasonings; vegetable mains and sides; egg dishes; vegetable dishes with cheese and tempting seafood dishes.

Eat your way to health


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