optimiser plan

How to lose weight



  • Start seeing results within the first week
  • Significant weight loss and disappearance of belly fat
  • Get rid of constant hunger pangs, tiredness, brain fog, acid reflux and tooth decay
  • Lower blood pressure and decrease risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Less diabetes medication and less risk of problems caused by diabetes such as infections, eye disease, kidney disease and nerve problems
  • Improved liver function


Through our Courses you will learn what kinds of food to eat to get the best results. You will be able to eat as much as you want of the good stuff and learn what is bad and should be avoided. Follow our practical, easy-to-prepare recipes and stop counting calories. You have two options to chooses from: the 28-Day Biohack Program, which gives you the essentials in just four weeks, or the 12-Week Health Plan which supports you over a longer time period. By the end of these courses, you will understand the basic science behind nutrition. It will change your life!


28-Day Biohack Program

Get started and improve your health and wellbeing in just 28 days!

And lose weight.

This course will teach you the basic aspects of leading a healthy life and help you set a personal goal.

The most important aspect underpinning health is to follow a healthy nutrition program (diet).

Learn how to make the correct food choices by eliminating nutritional myths.


  • understand the four pillars of health
  • weekly updates on healthy tips
  • new recipes weekly to experiment with and prepare
  • easy to understand nutritional info - videos and infographics - backed by science, shared on a weekly basis
  • shopping list first 3 days
  • weekly reminders to monitor your progress
  • learn why processed food is toxic for our health
  • travelling & restaurant guide
  • flexible access to all aspects of weekly data released

Course duration is 28 days with complete access open for a 6-month period after registration.

All the information you need for success in regenerating a healthy mind and body and shed excess weight.

Food is the source of energy (fuel) powering our brain and body.

Learn how incorrect ‘fuel’ affects our metabolism and our health.

Correct food choices can offset the risk of developing chronic lifestyle diseases.

You will learn how to do that with the 12-Week Health Plan.



  • User Guide – step-by-step info
  • Shopping list for first 3 days
  • 80+ easy-to-follow Meal Planner Recipes: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Healthy Alternatives, Healthy Snacks
  • Weekly e-mail support
  • FAQs guide
  • Progress Tracker – monitor your progress over 12 weeks
  • Net Carb List, list of Food Heroes and Villains, Eating out & Travel guide
  • Science behind Nutrition booklet, Health & Nutrition Presentation (video)
  • Copy of our book Eat Well or Die Slowly: Your Guide to Metabolic Health
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Additional 9-month free access to all

'Great results'

Our Plan is not a quick fix. If you are ready to make changes and follow our guidance, you will be amazed at how quickly results start rolling in.

"Try it! You will feel better, sleep better, lose weight, have a stronger heart and perform at your optimal level."

Julia Goodman

Personal Presentation Ltd.

"Most definitely a real eye-opener - within a very short period of time, we all noticed positive changes in mood, focus, weight and general energy levels."

Steve Johnstone

Alliance Creative

"Constant bloating was the bane of my life. I had all the GP tests and was told you have no allergies, no intolerances, you’re fine. With your guidance, I changed my diet and overnight the bloating stopped! I have masses more energy and no more brain fog."

Georgina Hart

Studio Hart